I have spent a lot of time learning the art of Feng Shui, working with a special compass to help align your home or business for the energies of health, wealth and prosperity. 

Feng Shui in its simplest aspect is the control of luck energy.  Observations by the Chinese over thousands of years resulted in the Feng Shui principles we know today.  These principles of energy flow show us how to create an environment that can affect the human condition in a positive and intended way. 

I have also worked with landscape design and have visited many gardens build with the spiritual concept for meditation and harmony. 

One of the finest Feng Shui gardens I had the privilege to visit on my last trip to the Big Island (Hawaii) was a personal tour and in-depth discussion given to me by the artist and Hawaii University professor Linus Chao (whose bed-and-breakfast is a must-stay, by the way -- for anyone that wants to feel the powers of good outdoor feng shui. 



The baguas or areas of energy as defined by Feng Shui are Career, Fame, Health, Prosperity, Relationships, Knowledge, Helpful People, Creativity, and Family.

I offer on-site consultations or we can explore your Feng Shui options by phone or email.

Feel free to call me at 818-409-0970 or email me for a consultation on how to improve the energy of your home, office, or garden.  

~~ Gerhard Jacob