Arthur Rubinstein, conductor
Peter Reid, world ironman champion
Hugh M. Hefner, magazine entrepreneur
Peter Douglas, son of Kirk Douglas
Joe Walsh, Eagles rock band guitarist
Xorin Balbes, designer-developer


"I can paint your past lives and give you a unique understanding of the self.  I can also paint from sound and musical notes, as I have been a pianist and songwriter since I was a young child.  The gift of hearing music can transform through the canvas, especially if you are a composer yourself (as seen in my most recent painting for the conductor and composer Arthur B. Rubenstein)."  

These custom paintings -- done in acrylics or oils -- are very important to people who want to know the meaning behind their dreams, hunches, and coincidental events.  

These paintings can provide meaning to past-life events and also can, in some cases, be helpful to connecting with spirits who have passed on from their bodies.  

Find out MORE about how your custom Wish Granting Tree painting can change your life!

Contact Gerhard for more information about how your special life energy or current situation can be translated into a custom painting that will have ongoing meaning and significance for you even years after the painting has found a place in your home.


Some of Gerhard's paintings are so popular that people would like reproductions of them.  

Repeat-edition images will soon be available.  Contact Gerhard for more details.

ABOUT Gerhard's artwork:

How does an artist see through the canvas'?  When you have the intuitive gift that Gerhard Jacob has, it's as natural as water flowing downhill.  

From paintings to photography to custom-designed silver and gold jewelry the exploration of art in its many forms is ever-present in the mind's eye of Gerhard Jacob.

The thoughts behind each creation transcend the metaphysical and help to create the harmony of good energies for all to enjoy.

Experimentation of the meaning of color and its impact on the human psyche is evident in the modern reaches of design and environmental engineering.  Gerhard is a colorist who has mastered the art of mixing and creating vibrant and memorable colors on canvas.

Once you explore Gerhard's artwork and its meanings your depth of wisdom will grow to new appreciation of the painting (which is ever present in each creation).