Gerhard Jacob is a professional mystic and interpretive artist who sees to the deepest and most unique aspects of a person or situation.  For many years he has assisted people with troubling issues and spiritual concerns using past-life exploration, Tarot readings, and custom paintings that interpret a person's dreams or visions.

Gerhard set up shop in Los Angeles, California in October 2006.  His artworks are booked for various galleries in L.A. and he will soon have some film and studio projects underway.

Past-life and Tarot readings are done by email, phone, or by appointment in person.

At one time Gerhard had a business called Metaphysical Sports Training by which he worked to assist World Champions in getting an edge on the competition by ways to build personal power. In time this could also be a new business out of Los Angeles, as a personal training coach.

Gerhard builds custom high-end jewelry for special clients.

Currently Gerhard is doing some cartooning for a client's newsletter that may reach the pages of a national magazine.


Seeing Through the Canvas.com is the website of psychic, artist and art consultant Gerhard Jacob.  

Operating out of Los Angeles, California, the Seeing Through the Canvas venture is a special offering of intuitive-based art services.   Gerhard's artwork is done on canvas with acrylics or oils, as well as on film and in the studio. His work services in the realm of personal healing.



Arthur B. Rubinstein, conductor

Hugh M. Hefner, publishing entrepreneur

Joe Walsh, Eagles rock band guitarist

Peter Douglas, son of Kirk Douglas

Peter Reid, world ironman champion

Xorin Balbes, designer-developer